Grafito Collection - Regetta - Galaxy S6 Edge



For Galaxy S6 Edge

Precise Torque Meets Distinction

Fuelled by unparalleled passion for precise craftsmanship, Grafito by Viva Madrid is designed to encase your gadget in slimfit armour that will reflect the driver in you.



Grafito Hardi      
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Carbon Masculinity Ups A Notch

Dashes of scarlet make the detailing on this collection really pop. You don’t have to be a racer to


Multiple Viewing Angle

With the integrated multi-angle, you can view videos and surf in any orientation.


Slim Profile For Easy Fitting

The slimness of Grafito makes it close to not having a case on at all. You can continue to fit your Galaxy S6 Edge where you wish, without adding on any bulk.


Integrated Cardholder

With the integrated cardslots, you can store your cards for easy access, all while remaining sleekly stylish.