Bosque Collection - Champagne Oak - Iphone6


Champagne Oak

For iPhone 6/6S

Artisan Crafted with Nature

Genuine wood mets artisan craftsmanship in this protective case carved for VIVA Madrid.  Timeless style.  Natural protection.  It's the most ideal protection your gadget could desire.



Rose PineChampagne TeakGunmetal OakGunmetal Walnut

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Handcrafted to Precision

Expect nature's element, masterfully weaved into a precision-moulded protective case that harks back to a time of artisanship.

Full Protection with Genuine Wood

It's protection, as nature intended.  Choose from a selection of beautifully aged woods in a variety of textures and hues.

9g Ultra Light Weight & Super Slim

It's not all about the aesthetics.  Achieve quality protection with a combination of expertly selected materials to keep your phone naturally safe from the elements.