Metalico Flex Collection - Electric Red - iPhone 7 Plus


Electric Red

For iPhone 8+/7+

Luxe Style and Lustre

Showcase your iPhone's splendour with a case that accentuates its lithe, stylish form.  Slide your device into this ultra-flexible case for easy, formfitting glamour. 


Blossoming BlushAsh GunmetalRose GoldChampagne GoldJet BlackJet Black

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Luxurious Accents

Stay classy with translucent design that accentuates your iPhone's beauty and lustrous side-trimmings that exudes luxury.

Ultra Slim Form Fit

Featuring FlexiCurve, the flexible and form-hugging material that maintains the sleek silhouette of the iPhone 7 while its lightweight and ultra-slim TPU keeps bulk to a minimum.

360º Protection

Precision molding ensures 360º protection while maintaining normal access to all buttons and ports.  It's form and function, perfected.