Portable 360 Germicidal Lamp UVC Ray + Ozone Air Disinfection


Designed Smart For A Safer & More Powerful Sanitization
Illumax comes with a double UVC tube for a wide reaching area of 3m2. Pre-set with a 15 mins sanitization timing and a 10 secs delay, it assure the user an automated and safe sanitization process.

360 all directional area sanitization
15 mins rapid and through sanitization
Dual wavelength disinfection with UVC light and Ozone air
UVC eliminate up to 99.9% airborne and surface pathogen
Ozone kill molds, mites and deodorize
Smart automated 15 mins preset sanitization
Wide area coverage up to 3m2
120 mins long continuous use (8 x 15 mins)


Rechargeable 800mAh Li-Polymer battery
LED indicator for sanitization and battery status
Easy-to-use one button activation
Small light-weight design the size of a iPhone 11 Pro

Input: DCV5V-1A
Wavelength: 185nm + 253.7nm
Sterilization Power: 3W
Disinfection Time: 15 mins
Working Temperature: 5 - 40 degC
Working Area: Up to 3m2, 360 deg
Battery: Lithium polymer 800mAh / 2.96Wh
Recharging Time: 30 mins
Usage: 120 mins
Size: 52 x 52 x 129 mm
Weight: 90g