Anti-Scratch Self Healing Hybrid Case

Ombre Hue
Ombre Amethyst
Ombre Aquamarine
Ombre Obsidian

Fashionista Protection Off The Runway
Inspired by haute couture, Viva Madrid pays homage to the artisan craft designer with intricate attention to detail. Expect lasting protection that packs in solid style and function; after all, each piece is a wearable classic that resonates with the modern trendsetter of today.

Self Repair Scratches Magically
The Magic Healing Shield coating on the finest quality PC case repairs fine scratches and restores back to the original state form quickly as 1 - 2 minutes.

DropShock TPU Bumper
Impact layering absorb shockwave.

Raised Camera Edge
Raided bezel edge prevent direct contact with surface protecting the camera lens from daily scratches.