Pocket Size UVC-LED Sanitizer


Ultra Fast Sanitization For Any Surfaces
For small-mid object such as mobile phones, TWS, dining cutleries, cosmetic, toiletries, keys, watch, face mask just needs minimum 10 seconds.
Large objects like pillow, car interior, wallet, handbag, public toilet, digital tablet, toys needs 30 seconds and above.

Safety Reverse ASD Sensor
Built-in safety sensor automatically shut down sanitization when Raydon is accidentally reverse upward.

Input: DC5V-1A
Wavelength: 260 - 280nm
Battery Capacity: 400mAh
Sanitizing Time: 10secs minimum
Operation Time: 45mins
Charging TimeL 60mins
Lifespan of the UV-C (LED): 10000hrs
Effective Distance: 150 - 200mm
Optimal Distance: 5mm
Size: 125 x 20 x 15mm
Weight: 32g