SnapCharge ~ Wireless Magnetic Car Charger


Easy Snap on and off
Embedded magnets allow for use with all MagSafe-compatible phone cases

Supports MagSafe Wireless Charge
7.5W fast wireless charge for iPhone 12 series

Multiple Orientations
Rotate your phone to any orientation for better viewing or navigation

Fast Wireless Charge 7.5W/10W/15W
(Use with the metal ring included)
15W, 10W - Android devices
7.5W - iPhone 8 and above

Reach & Flexibility (Stand)
The mount's arm can extend to 22.5cm (maximum) and an angle of 270 degree arc to reach your desired viewing angle

Package Includes:
1 X SnapCharge
1 X Stand Mount
1 X AirVent Mount Kit
1 X 1.5m USB-A to C Cable
1 X Car Charge
1 X Metal Ring