Anti-Microbial Spray & Washable Microfibre Wiper


The Design
Vapor designed with all-in-one sanitizing solution with anti-microbial spay and washable microfibre wiper.

Spray To Eliminate Surface Bacteria & Germs
Kills upto 99,9% bacteria and germs that can be found on the screen.

Wipe Away With Highly Absorbent Mircofibre
Remove water stains, smudge, grease, dust or fingerprints.

Store In Protective Clear Casing After Use
Protect the microfibre layer and keep it clear of atmospheric dust.

Washable Up To 200 Times
Japanese grade ultra soft microfibre certified to be washable up to 200X without fraying and yet retaining the anti-microbial properties.

Safe To Use For All Screen Base Devices

Atomizing nozzle
Japanese grade microfibre
Highly absorbent
Anti-static performance
Large cleaning surface
Enhanced durability
Quick dry material